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Altere Securitizadora was founded in 1998 as a pioneer on the development of products and real estate capital market structures.

Its activities include the structuring and securitization of real estate receivables through the placing on the financial market of Real Estate Receivables Certificates CRI(s) or any other compatible credit title with its activities.

The management of Altere Securtizadora is performed by professionals with extensive experience in the financial market. Its Shareholders and Directors are directly involved with its day to day activities, ensuring total dedication in the quality of services provided and investments made.

Altere is a non-financial company, signatory of Principles for Resposible Investment (PRI) constituted in the form of joint-stock company, with its activities regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM).

Organograma Altese Securitizadora S.A



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